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Parking in Brooklyn

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Brooklyn is one of the five boroughs in New York City. It has the highest density of population among all boroughs and also has the fastest growing population of all boroughs. Since its first expansion in the early 21st Century, Brooklyn has become one of the most diverse neighborhoods and home to many must-see attractions in NYC.

Photo: Miltiadis Fragkidis
Photo: Miltiadis Fragkidis on unsplash

If you are visiting Brooklyn in the spring, make sure to check out Brooklyn Botanic Garden for its annual cherry blossom display. For a spectacular view of lower Manhattan, you can take a walk on the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. Take pictures at DUMBO, an uber-popular spot for tourists and locals alike.

Due to its dense population spread, finding parking spots in Brooklyn can be challenging but not impossible. There are ample on-street parking spots off the main road and numerous parking garages to choose from.

Photo: Yonghyun Lee on unsplash

What is the cheapest parking option in Brooklyn?

There are plenty of metered and free parking spots throughout the streets of Brooklyn, just make sure you pay close attention to local street-parking rules. If you choose on-street parking, SpotHunter can help you navigate to an open street parking spot right when it becomes available, so that you don’t have to circle around the block aimlessly looking for a parking spot.

Are there any parking garages in Brooklyn?

Parking garages are available throughout Brooklyn, make sure to check or call ahead for rates and availability. If you wish to book a spot ahead of your travel, SpotHero is a great option.

Parking Garages

Location & Rate


Bridge Street Parking $6-$32

Parkside garage $10-$35

279 Avenue C, LAZ Parking $10-$38

317 St. Marks Ave $6-$32

Park Kwik $18-38

LM Wolverine Parking $11-$23

GGMC Parking $7-$32

* locations and rates are subject to change, please contact designated merchant for more details.

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