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Find Parking in Chinatown New York

Find parking near Chinatown NYC can be tricky. But with the right planning and with the right tools, it is not impossible to find affordable and even free parking spots in Chinatown.

Photo: Wes Hicks on unsplash

Chinatown in NYC is a popular tourist destination. Located in lower Manhattan, this densely populated neighborhood has some of the best restaurants NY has to offer. Mostly known for its large selections of East-Asian cuisine, Chinatown draws foodies and tourists from all over the world.

What is the cheapest parking option in Chinatown?

Parking in Chinatown NYC can be difficult, due to its high density, street-parking spots are very limited and are often subject to alternate-side-parking rules, so be sure to follow local traffic and parking rules. If you choose to find parking spots on the side streets, make sure to use SpotHunter – Street Parking App, which helps you to locate a spot right when it becomes available so that you don’t need to circle around the block aimlessly looking for an open spot.

Photo: Kenjy Cruz on unsplash

Parking Garages in Chinatown?

Parking garages are available throughout Chinatown, for rates and availability, be sure to check and call before your arrival, I recommend SpotHero, which allows you to search and compare nearby garages at your destination and you can book for a parking space ahead of time.

Parking Garages

Location & Rate


62 Mulberry Street $20-$60

106 Mott Street $15-$50

180 Worth Street $20-$60

56 Leonard Street $12-$55

Quick Park Mia Garage $17-$53

74 Hudson Street $15-$45

75 Park Place $24-$69

* locations and rates are subject to change, please contact designated merchant for more details.

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